Kidsgrove Town Deal project: Canal enhancement

Frequently asked questions

Is the towpath a public right of way?

Most towpaths are not public rights of way. Instead, the majority of our towpaths are 'permissive paths' as we allow members of the public to use them. We may need to close towpaths to carry out some of the Town Deal work.

How can I help to maintain the canal?

You can become a volunteer for Canal and River Trust and support keeping your local canal attractive and welcoming by contacting the Trust.

Why is Town Deal money been spent on the canal?

The canal is an important link between many of the key destinations within Kidsgrove. By improving the connectivity we hope to make the towpath more accessible and usable for all. We believe that spending time by water makes us happier and healthier. That’s why we work with communities to create places and spaces that can be used and enjoyed by everyone, every day.

Why is the canal in Kidsgrove orange?

It is a natural discolouration due to groundwater containing iron oxide leaching into the canal. Iron oxide is a chemical compound composed of iron and oxygen.