Newcastle-under-Lyme Town Deal projects

Objective 1: to open up growth opportunities through enhanced physical and digital connectivity aligned with clean and sustainable economic development

Smart Newcastle - digital infrastructure

This scheme builds upon private sector investment in the roll out of high-speed gigabit digital infrastructure across Newcastle-under-Lyme.

It will complement the roll out of public town centre WiFi funded by the Town Deal Advance Payment. Town Deal monies will fund a Town Deal wide voucher scheme to pay for access to the digital fibre network “spine” for end users. The scheme will address the speed and coverage of the digital network which is highly variable across the Town Deal area. This will give Newcastle an advantage in attracting investment, facilitating better access to employment, education and wider services for its residents, setting the Town up for longer term sustainable development.

Sub-group membership

  • Grant Sharman - Aspire
  • Dan Perry - Keele University
  • Paul Hodgkinson - Keele University
  • Trevor McMillan - Keele University
  • Paul Chatwin - Staffordshire County Council
  • Mark Laywood - Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council
  • Elaine Burgess - Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council

Sustainable public transport solutions

A package of investment in bus infrastructure and services across Newcastle-under-Lyme:

  • to improve the quality of the bus network and passenger experience

  • to increase bus usage and passenger service satisfaction

  • to address bottlenecks and improve journey times and reliability

  • to address air quality issues in Newcastle-under-Lyme

  • to future-proof the network

The project comprises four separate components:

  • a green bus station, powered by solar energy, and including smart bus shelters

  • real time bus information including departure times and average walk times to the nearest bus stops

  • investment in measures to maximise connectivity with improved reliability on the route to Keele and circular bus route to connect Knutton, Chesterton and Silverdale

  • a feasibility study into greening the bus fleet on the A525 Keele corridor

Sub-group membership

  • Sarah Oliver - Aspire
  • Phil Butters - Keele University
  • Annabel Chell - Staffordshire County Council
  • Louise Clayton - Staffordshire County Council
  • Stefan Brzozowski - Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council
  • Elaine Burgess - Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council

Town Centre permeability

A package of walking and cycling measures, including upgraded pedestrian and cycle crossing facilities, segregated walking/cycling routes and improved connectivity to the greenways to promote cycle accessibility across the wider network.

£1 million is required to upgrade the existing at-grade crossing on Barracks Road (at Hassell Street) and improved cycling routes on Lower Street (north of Pool Dam).

Outside of the ring road, the project would deliver resurfacing works, a new footbridge, segregated route upgrades and wayfinding signage.

The project would contribute towards providing a complete, coordinated walking/cycling corridor between Keele University, Newcastle town centre and Hanley and improve town centre permeability.

Sub-group membership

  • Annabel Chell - Staffordshire County Council
  • Mike Smith - Staffordshire County Council/Amey
  • Sandeep Aheer - Staffordshire County Council/Amey
  • Kim Graham - Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council
  • Elaine Burgess - Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council
  • Mark Laywood - Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council

Electric charging infrastructure

Encouraging the transition to electric vehicles (EV) by investing in green infrastructure for use by taxis and private cars.

EV charging points are already planned at the proposed redeveloped Rycroft multi-storey car park via Future High Street Funding.

This project would deliver similar infrastructure by funding a further 20 charging units (40 charging spaces) at other car park locations and taxi ranks in the town centre.