‘Rubbish' exhibition focuses on Recycling

Published: 9 August 2022

Blue seahorse artwork
Blue Seahorse piece

A thought-provoking exhibition at Brampton Museum really brings home the recycling message.  

‘Reincarnated Rubbish – Endangered and Extinct’, by artist Val Hunt, features sculptural pieces made from recycled materials, showing that beautiful artworks can be created from what we would normally discard.

Val uses ‘throw away’ material to depict animals, exotic birds, fish, dinosaurs and species of flora, which are all on the edge of extinction or extinct. Combining craftsmanship with a touch of humour the exhibition has a serious message about sustainability and our impact on the planet and natural world.

Cabinet member for leisure, culture and heritage, Jill Waring, said: “This exhibition is so interesting and imaginative, it defies belief that the materials used were actually rubbish.

“The exhibits are beautiful but the materials the artist uses to make them makes you realise how much we all discard and that we really need to change what we do and how we affect everything around us.”

Val’s work has been shown in exhibitions around the U.K., Denmark, Japan, United Emirates and United States of America. Her work has been overseas with the British Council and she has many works in permanent art collections.

With just under three decades of experience as a professional craft maker, Val continues to be amazed at the versatility of creative recycling - gaining inspiration from natural forms, botanical, aquatic, animals and birds. Intricate constructions and interesting textures are key elements found in her work and humour is also an added ingredient whenever possible.

Many of the exhibits from the ‘reincarnated’ exhibition - and also a range of jewellery created by the artist - are on sale at the museum so visitors can take a reminder home with them.  Pieces vary from endangered British seahorses and butterflies to life size sculptures of a blue finned tuna and the extinct Terror Bird.

Visitors can also find out more about why some creatures are on the brink of extinction and the effects of human actions, such as plastic pollution, on our ocean wildlife.

Admission to the museum and the exhibition is free. Opening hours are 10am – 5pm Tuesdays to Saturdays and 1.30-5pm on Sundays.

The museum has a range of special events inspired by the themes of this exhibition.

The ‘Reincarnated Rubbish – Endangered and Extinct’ exhibition will close on Sunday 4 September.

For more information see the Events section of The Brampton Museum website - https://www.newcastle-staffs.gov.uk/museum