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World Cup

Council Helps to Blow the Whistle on Domestic Violence during World Cup

The Council is promoting key messages to raise awareness of domestic violence during the World Cup.

It comes as violent incidents historically increase at this time due to increased alcohol consumption and heightened emotions.

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Traveller Update - Friday, 22 June

The Borough Council is doing everything within its power to remove traveller encampments as soon as legally possible.

A reassurance that immediate action is being taken in all cases comes after several unauthorised camps have set up on council-owned land in recent weeks.

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News about patchwork meadow

Patchwork Meadow Joins Communities Together

An exciting initiative combining horticulture and recycling has come out in full bloom.

The Borough Council has unveiled a community patchwork meadow on an embankment adjacent to the A34 in Chesterton – known as “Golf Links Walks” – as part of this year's special Britain in Bloom campaign.

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News about traveller encampment

Council and police to hold talks over travellers

The Council and Staffordshire Police are to discuss how their working relationship can be strengthened when it comes to tackling unauthorised traveller encampments in the borough.

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Change Needed to Make a Difference

Two charities that help people who are sleeping rough, homeless and experiencing alcohol and drug addiction in Newcastle-under-Lyme will benefit from a new scheme.

The Council is launching “Make it Count” to take positive action to address homelessness and substance misuse in Newcastle town centre by encouraging people to place donations in collection boxes rather than giving money directly to beggars.

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