Planning enforcement

What can we act on?

Development can take the form of many things, including:

  • the erection of walls and fences
  • building operations on residential and business properties
  • changes of use of land

Where development is undertaken, and planning permission is required but not approved first, we call this ‘unauthorised’. The list below are the sort of matters that we can help with:

  • unauthorised works to a listed building
  • unauthorised demolition within a conservation area
  • unauthorised works to a tree within a conservation area or subject to a preservation order (TPO)
  • unauthorised advertisements
  • breaches of planning conditions
  • development not built in accordance with approved plans
  • untidy land affecting the amenity of an area
  • unauthorised engineering works, such as alteration to ground levels
  • unauthorised siting of a caravan or mobile home used as an independent dwelling house
  • unauthorised material changes of use of land and buildings
  • high hedges