Planning enforcement

Report a suspected breach of planning regulation

If you are concerned about a possible breach of planning control, then you can report this to us online:

Report a planning concern

Information we will need

All enforcement complaints should include the following details:

  • the identity and contact details of the complainant
  • the address at which the alleged breach of planning control has taken place
  • a short description of what is alleged to be the breach of planning control
  • why the complainant feels that the matter involves a breach of planning control
  • when the alleged breach commenced
  • details of the type of harm considered to be caused by the alleged breach

The more information that can be provided then the greater the chance any breach can effectively be resolved.

Please note: if enforcement enquiries are submitted without any contact details to enable us to seek further information or respond back to the person raising an enforcement enquiry, we will not normally pursue these items. 

Supporting evidence

Where available, evidence can be submitted to support any complaint. The following forms of evidence are commonly accepted:

  • photographs
  • video clips
  • activity logs
  • notes of events
  • written statements

Protection of complainants 

The name and address of all complainants is kept confidential. We need contact information in order to keep you informed of the process and to contact you to assist use in our investigation.

It may be necessary for legal reasons, such as Freedom of Information requests, that details need to be disclosed. However, this information will only be revealed if the information is shown to be in the public interest.

We do not pursue anonymous complaints. If you feel threatened and therefore unable to provide your details, you should seek support from your local councillor who can act on your behalf and protect your anonymity.