Asset management strategy

Property is a technically difficult asset to provide and maintain, slow to change and can be expensive to run. If we are to get the best out of our use of land and buildings, it is important that we have a clear vision of what we expect from our properties, and that we resource them appropriately.

The property estate must be regularly reviewed and actively managed to ensure that it supports changing needs and offers continuing value for money. This management process depends on full engagement from senior officers, councillors and from the operational service units that occupy the properties. Additionally it is vitally important that users of our owned land or premises, along with other stakeholders (including local residents), are afforded the opportunity to comment upon our decisions affecting property. This may be particularly important in cases where we are seeking to dispose of, or disinvest in, land or property. In such cases consultation will be proportionate to the scale and nature of any such decisions.

In order to demonstrate that we are managing its resources effectively, in the context of an overall aim of delivering efficient public services, we must produce a suite of key documents on an annual basis. This asset management strategy/plan is one of these documents. Others include:

  • the annual budget
  • the capital strategy
  • the medium-term financial strategy

Up to date government guidance and acknowledged best practice has informed the structure and context of this strategy.