Asset management strategy

The current estate

We own a broad variety of over 180 properties (buildings) ranging from crematoria to sports centres to industrial premises. Our property assets are divided into two portfolios, the operational and commercial portfolios.

Operational assets

In broad terms this is property that is held, occupied, used or contracted to be used on behalf of the authority in the direct delivery of services for which it has a responsibility, whether statutory or discretionary or for the service of strategic objectives of the authority. For reasons of simplicity we also include 'community assets' in this category.

This category includes (not exhaustive list):

  • the civic offices
  • the Guildhall customer service centre
  • Kidsgrove Town Hall customer service centre
  • Knutton Lane depot
  • Jubilee2 health and wellbeing centre
  • the museum/art gallery
  • the crematorium and cemeteries
  • land associated with operational property
  • parks and open spaces
  • historic buildings/monuments
  • allotments
  • sports facilities and pitches
  • community centres
  • off-street car parks
  • structures such as bridges and watercourses
  • CCTV infrastructure

Commercial assets

These property assets are those held by us but not directly occupied, used or concerned in the delivery of services, although they are likely to align with our strategic objectives. Examples in this category (list not exhaustive) mainly related to commercial land and property, leased/rented to other parties and generating income which include:

  • town centre retail premises
  • industrial units
  • offices
  • former Keele Golf Centre
  • ground leases
  • market
  • town centre car parks
  • former Sainsbury's supermarket (owned in conjunction with Staffordshire County Council for regeneration purposes)

Asset transfers between portfolios

There are occasions where assets can be transferred between portfolios as a result of changes to service delivery or corporate priorities. Examples include the following:

  • the Guildhall which transferred from the commercial portfolio to the operational portfolio
  • Pitfield House (Brampton Park) which was originally within the operational portfolio and is now let on a commercial basis as a children's nursery
  • former Audley Council offices which is now let on a commercial basis to a local business