Fraud response plan

This plan defines the way that we apply our various policies and procedures to suspected theft, fraud and corruption.

It fits in with various other documents, most notably the policy and procedure on theft, fraud, corruption and bribery.

The procedures for dealing with suspected money laundering are different from other problems – see the money laundering policy and procedure for the necessary actions. Different rules also apply to benefits fraud.

The aim of this plan is to provide a toolkit for dealing with problems, and rapid access to expert advice. This fraud response plan guides managers on how to react to suspicions of fraud, theft, corruption and bribery.

Additionally, it gives an outline of how investigations will be progressed, and a manager's possible role in this. The latter part is intended to give a feel for how matters will progress to give confidence in the process. It is not a DIY guide to fraud investigation!

Any suspected frauds at Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council should be reported to the Audit Manager at the earliest opportunity.