Housing enforcement guidance

Housing Services enforcement options

When we investigate a possible breach of housing and public health law, the options include:

  • no action
  • verbal advice or information
  • written advice or information
  • a letter requesting that action is taken
  • a legal notice advising that action is needed
  • a legal notice requiring specific action to be taken within a set time limit
  • an order that prohibits all or part of a property being occupied
  • a suspended notice or order that comes into force at a later date
  • emergency action to resolve a serious situation
  • work in default of a legal notice
  • suspending or revoking a licence
  • formal caution
  • civil penalty
  • entry on the rogue landlord database
  • rent repayment order
  • prosecution
  • banning order

The full legislation officers are authorised to enforce is listed in the delegated powers. For each situation the most appropriate piece of legislation and the most appropriate enforcement option will be chosen. The next few sections include further details on some of these options.