Noise pollution complaints

What happens next?

When you return your diary to us, we will review your entries. We will consider whether we can investigate your complaint further. We will then confirm our initial assessment with you. We aim to do this within 14 days of receipt of your diary.

Investigation techniques available to us include:

  • a visit by officers at the typical time of the nuisance (visits outside of normal working hours and at weekends will only be made by prior arrangement). We may visit up to 3 times
  • installing monitoring equipment in your home. This will usually be for up to seven days and for a maximum of 2 occasions
  • gathering evidence from independent parties such as the police, neighbours, social workers, housing officers

We may try to resolve any issues informally with the responsible party.

If we can't get enough evidence to take action on your complaint, we will close our investigation. We will confirm our decision in writing.