Private water supplies

What do we do?

Risk assessing and sampling

We have a duty to risk assess and sample private water supplies, although the specific duties vary with supply types.

Regulation 8 supplies

Sampling requirements depend on the findings of the risk assessment.

Regulation 9 supplies

We need to carry out a risk assessment every five years, as well as annual water quality sampling.

Regulation 10 supplies

If more than one property draws on a supply, we have to carry out a risk assessment and perform water quality sampling every five years. If the supply is to one property only, we carry out a risk assessment and water quality sampling on request, or if we consider it to be necessary.

When we risk assess a private water supply

We will:

  • examine the supply from source to tap, including looking at the condition of any equipment on the supply, such as pumps, treatment systems, and fixtures and fittings

  • look at the source of the supply and the local area, to identify anything that might contaminate or interfere with your supply, and any measures you might need to put into place to reduce the likelihood of this occurring

  • look at how your supply is managed, to keep it running correctly

We will also carry out sampling of your water, to check on its quality. Your water must meet legal standards to ensure it is wholesome.