Smoke control areas

What are the rules in smoke control areas?

If your property is in a smoke control area, then you can only use your stove to burn DEFRA authorised fuels, unless:

  • your appliance has been exempted by DEFRA, to allow it to burn unauthorised fuels

  • your appliance has been installed and certified by a heating equipment testing and approval scheme (HETAS) registered installer, or has been inspected and approved by building control

  • you follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using your approved appliance to burn unauthorised fuels

You may be breaking the law if:

  • you do not follow the above rules

  • you accumulate unauthorised fuel if you do not have an exempt appliance

Smoke control order consultation

We are considering revoking the existing smoke control orders and replacing them with a single smoke control order, which will cover the entire district.

Read more about the proposed change and have your say