Child exploitation guidance for taxi and private vehicle hire drivers

Indicators of child exploitation for taxis and private hire vehicles

Whether it is day or night time, look out for children and young people (girls and boys) who may:

  • be from another area, so may not be familiar with an area (may look lost) and may have a distinct urban accent
  • be travelling during school hours or unusual hours (i.e. late in the evening)
  • be with an older individual who appears controlling
  • be a victim of physical assault or unexplained injuries
  • be in excessive receipt of texts, phone or video calls
  • look withdrawn, uncomfortable or distressed in the company of adults
  • be in a vulnerable state due to drink or drugs, accompanied by older individuals
  • be using trains whilst under the influence of substances, anxious state or travelling late at night unaccompanied
  • using terminology or slang that is not understood by others
  • be collected and taken to hotels, B&Bs, parties or gatherings
  • have little or no luggage going to hotels
  • be with an adult who is expressing sexualised behaviour towards them
  • be dropped off at any location that causes you concern
  • have their fares paid by adults who are not in the taxi
  • adults who regularly request taxi rides to and from a location, taking young people with them
  • frequent suspicious activity in the same place, for example a train station or hotel
  • children dressed inappropriately for their age

Remember, young people will often try to make themselves look older than they are. Always consider the age of the young person even if, at first glance, they may look over 18.