Hackney carriage vehicle licences

Make a change to a licence


If you have had an accident in your vehicle you will need to notify us within 72 hours of the incident.

Report an accident

Once you have reported the accident you will need to get the vehicle checked by the garage within 7 days.

If there are insurers involved or the work to repair it will take longer than 7 days then you must return your plates to the Council Depot on Knutton Lane and email the licensing team to notify them of the delay.

Replacement plates and licenses

If you wish to request a replacement plate or licence please contact the licensing team to let us know which vehicle and the item that you are missing. You will need to make a payment with our customer services team.

Replacement plates and licences fees
Item Price
Vehicle door signage £5
Plate carrier - front £9
Plate carrier - rear £11
Vehicle plate - front £7
Vehicle plate - rear £10
Internal plate £8
Paper licence £7

Other changes

If you wish to make any other change to an existing licence, for example, a transfer, change of name or address or you wish to take the vehicle off the road. 

Other change fees

Change Price 
Transfer of vehicle* £41
Change of vehicle registration £47
Change of vehicle colour £47
Change of name or address £41

* Please be aware that if you transfer a licence with Grandfather rights the new owner will lose these rights.

Please email the licencing team.