Resolving the odour issues at Walleys Quarry

Benefits to the community

The settlement agreed ratified by the court delivers more for the community than would have been achieved through a formal trial:

  • an abatement notice is now in place requiring Walleys Quarry Limited (WQL) to abate the odour nuisance off site and prevent its reoccurrence. This provides a route to further action in the event of any future significant sustained problems
  • by WQL maintaining best practical means (BPM), the community is afforded the best possibility of improved odour conditions off site
  • we will be routinely working with WQL to understand how best practical means (BPM) are being maintained
  • there is a structure to give the community access to information about activities on the site
  • public funds expended on progressing the abatement notice have been significantly recouped

These outcomes are more far reaching than what the council would have been able to achieve from simply defending an abatement notice at trial. A trial alone would not have delivered ongoing information to the community or ourselves which is reflected in the agreement

Want to know more about the mediation?

We have put together some answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the mediation.

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