Tree Maintenance Enquiry

There are many landowners, including householders, who own trees in the Borough, and who are responsible for maintaining them.  Three major landowners are: Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council, Staffordshire County Council and Aspire Housing.

If the tree is on your own land and your query is in relation to its conservation area or Tree Preservation Order status, please follow the link below to our Tree and Hedgerow Preservation site.  Please use this link also for any other queries concerning tree preservation.

"Other" queries, for example, could be: My neighbour is felling a tree that has a TPO on it.

Please follow this link to Tree and Hedgerows Preservation


Trees within adopted highway areas, roads, pavement, education and school sites, libraries, social services sites and some country parks are maintained by Staffordshire County Council.

Please follow this link to report an issue to Staffordshire County Council


Aspire Housing Ltd are responsible for the maintenance of trees on many open spaces within their estates.

Please follow this link to report an issue to Aspire Housing Limited


Please note that under GDPR rules we will not be able to forward your complaint to an organisation outside the Borough Council.

Please follow the link below to continue with this form and report an issue to Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council.