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Tree and Hedgerows Preservation

Tree Preservation Orders

Tree Preservation Orders protect trees and woodlands in the interest of amenity. The effect of a Tree Preservation Order is to make it an offence to cut down, top, lop, uproot, wilfully damage or destroy the tree(s) covered, unless the written consent of the Council has been gained. The Council has legal powers, which it may use to prosecute offenders.

A person who intends to carry out works to a protected tree is required to submit an application in writing, for consent under the Tree Preservation Order on a form published by the Secretary of State. Applicants are encouraged to seek the advice of an arboriculturalist, prior to submitting their application.

In order to protect trees in the interest of amenity, especially when they are considered to be at risk, the Council has the power to make a Tree Preservation Order.

Trees in Conservation Areas

Anyone wishing to carry out works to trees within a Conservation Area must give the Council six weeks written notice. This must include a description of the proposed works and a sketch location plan. Notice can also be served using the form below:

Please visit the Conservation Area section of this website to find out if your property is within a Conservation Area.

Applications for all of the above can be made online via the 'Planning portal'

Follow the external link below:

Planning portal logo and link to the planning portal.

or by using and sending the forms in the useful documents list.

Checking if Your Tree is Protected

Contact the Council, enclosing the details of the property, the trees you are enquiring about and a sketch plan showing the location of the trees, to the address shown below:

Landscape Development
Castle House
Barracks Road

Email: Landscape

Ordering copies of TPOs

Copies of TPOs can be purchased. Copies cost £31.

For enquiries about Protected trees or hedgerows; or to pay for a copy of a TPO, please use the online form

Tree Preservation Orders can also be viewed free of charge by making an appointment with an officer by telephone (01782 717717) or e-mailling Landscape.

If you wish to report concerns about unauthorised works to protected trees / hedgerows please use the online form.

Hedgerow Preservation

Hedgerow Regulations 1997

The Hedgerow Regulations 1997 are designed to give protection to important hedgerows in England and Wales. Under the regulations, it is against the law to remove or destroy certain hedgerows without permission from the local planning authority.

Anyone proposing to remove a hedgerow, or part of a hedgerow, which is covered by the regulations, must first notify the Local Planning Authority by submitting a Hedgerow Removal Notice. The local planning authority will asses the importance of the hedgerow using criteria set out in the regulations. The local planning authority has the power to serve a Hedgerow Retention Notice on important hedgerows.

The Hedgerow Regulations do not apply to domestic dwellings, whether the hedgerow is within the curtilage or on the boundary of the dwelling.

Applications for Hedgerow works can be made online via the 'Planning portal'

Follow the external link below:

Planning portal logo and link to the planning portal.

or by using and sending the forms in the useful documents to the right of this page.

Last updated 25 January 2021

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