Pavement Licence

Please be aware that to complete this application you will be required to upload/provide the following documents:

- A plan of the premises and the area to be licensed marked in red. The plan must clearly show the current premises and area to be licensed including the layout of the furniture. It must have measurements of the proposed area, be to scale or both.

- A copy of your Public Liability Insurance Certificate. You are required to provide evidence that this insurance covers a minimum of £5 million in respect of any one incident and indemnifies the Borough and County Councils.

- A copy of the public notice that is going to be displayed. The template to be used for the creation of the public notice can be found here:

- A photograph of the public notice on display at the front of the premises (e.g. on display in the window of the premises facing outwards onto the public footpath/highway) where it can easily be read by a passing member of the public.

Please note: The application will not be considered complete and will not be processed until the above documents have been submitted to the Council.