Pavement licence

Staffordshire Fire and Rescue guidance

Staffordshire Fire and Rescue have kindly given us some guidance to consider when making your application to help to keep your premises and customers safe when designing your pavement licence:

  • any barriers installed at the entrance and exit points of a proposed pedestrianised area should be of a type that are easily and quickly removable by emergency service workers and should not need more than two people to move them
  • any extension to the licensed area of premises should not block the roadway.  The minimum roadway width should be 3.7 metres in order to allow access for fire appliances.  Should there be any areas where this is not achievable this will be considered on a case by case basis.
  • all exit routes from licensed premises and any domestic premises should be kept free from obstruction at all times
  • procedures should be put into place in order that tables and chairs are not allowed to be repositioned by the general public to protrude into the highway
  • gazebos should be made of a fire retardant fabric
  • heaters or barbecues on the premises should be positioned a suitable distance from the building and any gazebos
  • the fire risk assessment must be updated to include the pavement licence area
  • fire hydrants must remain visible and unobstructed