Temporary event notices

What are the allowances for TENs?

How many people can come to the event?

499 or less including all staff at the event.

How many regular TENs can I have in an annual year?

  • Personal licence holder - 50
  • Non-personal licence holder - 5

How many late TENs can I have in an annual year out of my regular TEN allowance?

  • Personal licence holder - 10
  • Non-personal licence holder - 2

How many can each premises have in an annual year?

Normally 15.

Due to Covid-19, 2022 and 2023 has an allowance of 20.

How long can a TEN last?

The maximum length of an event is 168 hours and there must be a 24-hour period between TENs at a premises.

How many days in a year can a premises have TENs for?

The total number of days is 21 in a normal year with 2022 and 2023 extended to 26 days.

Please note: this is aggregate days so if you have 4 TENs that last for 6 days and 1 that lasts for 2 days even though you have only had 5 TENS in the 12 month period you have used up all your allowance. Conversely, if you have 20 lots of one day TENs you have also used your allowance.

The same can be said if you do not hold a personal licence as you will be limited to 5 TENs in total no matter how many of the days you use.