Protected trees and hedges

Carrying out works on a protected hedge (hedgerow)

If you want to remove a hedgerow

If you wish to remove a hedgerow, or part of a hedgerow then you will need apply.

The easiest way to apply is online through the planning portal:

Apply to work on a protected hedgerow

Alternatively, you can download and send us a completed application form:

Download the application form

Please download our guidance document to help with submitting your application:

Download the guidance

We will assess the importance of the hedgerow using criteria set out in the regulations.

Hedgerow retention notices 

We can continue to protect important hedgerows by issuing a retention notice.

This does not apply to: 

  • domestic dwellings
  • curtilage/boundary of the dwelling 

Un-protected hedges 

If your house is next to an evergreen hedge that is so high it is affecting the level of light coming into your property or the view from your windows, please see our information about high hedges.