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Carbon Management Plan

This Council is leading Newcastle-under-Lyme to a sustainable and low carbon emissions future.

The period of growth we have enjoyed in recent decades was mainly based on the inefficient use of affordable energy. This reckless use of valuable raw materials is a major contributor to climate change and, as resources dry up, an increase in global costs.

This Council is working with partners in the private, public and educational sectors to create an energy-efficient environment in Newcastle-under-Lyme. This should ensure that the Borough remains a preferred place in which to live, work and invest.

This Carbon Management Plan represents a further step in the journey to become a low carbon council. Our employees have made a good start in their contribution to our reduction in energy use over the past year.

We are also working outside this plan to reduce our carbon footprint and save resources. We are introducing energy saving measures in properties we let, such as Lancaster Buildings, and are collecting food waste weekly to be converted into electricity and heat through anaerobic digestion.

This plan details our successes so far and specifies the measures we will take in the next five years. It will serve as an example for the community of Newcastle-under-Lyme to follow.

The full version of the Carbon Management Programme is available to download.

Last updated 7 February 2017

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