Reduce and reuse

Donate and reuse

Do you need things for your home? Cutlery, crockery, saucepans? Maybe you want some new clothes but money is tight, or you need an item of furniture? Free sharing apps might be able to help you find these items and more.

Things cluttering your home? It’s quick and easy to donate your items to great causes or to people in your local community in Newcastle-under-Lyme. From furniture and white goods, to clothing and toys; you can get rid of almost anything.


Freegle is a free to join community where you can give away and get stuff for free from your neighbours in and around Newcastle-under-Lyme. Ask for things you'd like or need, or offer things you don't need. Don't just recycle - reuse with Freegle!


Beat waste with Olio: the app for finding what you need and sharing what you don’t with local people. Give and get items, help the planet, help each other.

How to join

Freegle - If you are looking to give your items away for free to people in your community, you could join your local Freegle in Newcastle.

You can download the app and start using Freegle today.

Olio - Avoid buying new by sharing and finding items locally. 

You can download the app and start using Olio today.

Other ways to get rid of unwanted items

Donate your stuff to local good causes

For smaller items such as clothing, toys, books and bric-a-brac, you could donate to your local charity shop. They are always happy to accept good quality second hand items when open.

For larger items such as furniture (like wardrobes, bed frames), white goods (like washing machines) and electrical items (like toasters or TV’s) you can contact The Salvation Army  - they may even be able to collect from you for free. Bonus!

Sell your unwanted items

Try giving away or selling your stuff through popular social media platforms such as Facebook selling groups or auction websites such like eBay and Gumtree.

There’s always someone who wants or is in need of new (preloved!) items, and often they will even collect from you!

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