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We are sorry to advise that Emergency Repair Grants, Empty Homes Grants and Home Improvement Loans are not currently available. Disabled Facility Grants are still available.  Further details can be found in the Housing Assistance Policy in the useful documents box.

Disabled Facility Grant - Help to adapt your home

Disabled facilities grants are available to help you live independently at home or be cared for at home.

The Council has commissioned the Support for Independent Living Service in Staffordshire which is provided by Milbrook Healthcare and is based at Dalewood Road, Newcastle ST5 9QH.

The service provides:

  1. Information and  advice
  2. Home visits and assessments
  3. Home Adaptations
    • a) supporting you to access funding, grants or loans
    • b) designing the works to meet your needs
    • c) gaining permission for the works with your property owner (if required)
    • d) selecting and managing the building contractors.

You can contact them on 0330 124 7077 or online.



Last updated  5  August 2019

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