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Have Your Say - Public Consultation

Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council is committed to consulting local people on local issues, on the work that we do, and the priorities and aspirations for the Borough.

What is consultation?

Consultation is a process of dialogue leading to a decision. Consultation involves seeking opinions on options before decisions are reached, seeking to increase the involvement of local people, communities, businesses and the voluntary sector in important decisions that may impact on them. The main aim of consultation is to listen to and learn from local people and communities.

Public participation is a statutory requirement but it is also more than that. It has become an integral part of the Council’s everyday functioning which aims to provide services which are more responsive to people’s needs and to also promote a democratic process which encourages local people to have an influence in matters that concern them directly.

The Council's research team carries out a range of consultation work both corporately and also on behalf of individual service areas. Consultation is carried out using quantitative and qualitative methods, including the Council’s e-Panel and focus groups.

Ongoing surveys

Satisfaction with council services surveys

The following surveys are ongoing. We will publish the results from these surveys via this page.

Satisfaction with Recycling Services.

‘The recycling service collects materials weekly and in separate boxes in order to maximise both the amounts collected and the value of it.  This income subsidises other services and protects budgets for other Council services.  Councils who collect recyclable materials in wheelie bins pay companies to take it away and find uses for it.  Collecting separately means this council gets an income instead.  The service has experienced a number of problems recently in recovering from bad weather slowly and struggling when high volumes of material are put out by residents.  The Council is looking for ways to improve the service and it would greatly value your feedback as it looks for ways to make the service more effective.’ Please follow this link to have your say. | Results to date (added 22 August) | Press release about the future of the service from 10 September 

Satisfaction with Streetscene Operations. Please follow this link to have your say.  

Satisfaction with Customer Services. Please follow this link to have your say.

Satisfaction with Planning Services. Please follow this link to have your say.

Satisfaction with Revenues and Benefits. Please follow this link to have your say.

Satisfaction with Housing Services. Please follow this link to have your say.

Surveys with set closing dates

Taxi Licensing Policy

We are in the process of updating our taxi licensing policy for 2019-2021 and are interested in hearing your views on it.  Please read the draft policy (this 1.3mb pdf document will open in a new window so you can keep it open to refer to when filling in the survey) and then have your say.

This survey will be open until Thursday, 14 March 2019. 

Jubilee2 satisfaction survey

We are now in the process of measuring satisfaction with Jubilee 2, for areas such as the gym, aqua-sauna and swimming lessons.  Please take five minutes to have your say by Friday, 1 March 2019.

Public Spaces Protection Order

We are seeking your views on whether we should introduce Public Spaces Protection Orders in Newcastle Town Centre (pdf 830kb) and Queen Elizabeth Park (pdf 705kb).  Please take five minutes to have your say by Friday, 22 March 2019. 

Recent results / feedback

Press release regarding the recent PSPO survey | Press release regarding the recent Recycling service survey | Results from Guildhall survey | Press release following the Guildhall survey

Re-launch of the Council's e-panel

We have re-launched our e-panel and are looking for residents who are interested in having their say on council services to join.  If you wish to become a member then please follow this link to register - a process that should take around one minute.  You will then be notified of council consultations and surveys when they are published and invited to have your say. There is no obligation to complete all surveys that you are told of and you can respond to whichever surveys interest you the most.  If you registered after June 2018 and have received details of new surveys - or if you responded to an email asking if you wished to continue on the panel - then there is no need to re-register.

If you have any questions or comments about the consultation process, please contact our research team via surveys@newcastle-staffs.gov.uk.  For any questions or comments about individual consultations / surveys, please use the links provided above.

Last updated 8 February 2019

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