How Council Tax support is calculated

If you're a pensioner

If you have reached the qualifying age for State Pension Credit, or in receipt of State Retirement Pension or Pension Credit, up to 100% of the Council Tax charge will be used in the Council Tax support calculation.

If you or your partner have capital between £10,000 and £16,000, the government regulations require that we assume a notional income of £1 per week for every £500 (or part £500) over £10,000. This will be shown as 'Capital Income' on the benefit decision letter. Any capital below £10,000 is disregarded.

A claim covers any period in the three months before the day the claim is actually received but only back to the day of reaching pension credit age, or the day of becoming liable for rent and/or Council Tax if these are later.

Second adult rebate

This is only for claimants who have reached state pension credit age. It is designed to help Council Tax payers, who have another adult or adults living with them, who cannot be expected to make a contribution to the Council Tax charge because their income is low.

Normally, anybody who claims Council Tax Support who has reached state pension age will be automatically assessed for second adult rebate if they are eligible, and will be granted whichever type of benefit gives the better result.