Questions about cremation

How soon after the service will the cremation take place?

The Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management (ICCM) guiding principles state that the container and the body shall be placed in a cremator and cremation commenced no later than 72 hours after the service of committal.

Where cremation may not be carried out on the same day, the applicant for cremation will be notified. This means that under normal circumstances the cremation is usually carried out shortly after the service and certainly on the same day.

However, when a service takes place late in the day or a limited number of services are booked, the cremations may take place within the 72 hour period. Retention of coffins should only be carried out where a secure and hygienic storage facility is available.

The benefits to the community from this include a reduced impact on the environment as less fossil fuel will be consumed and the efficient use of machinery and equipment will be achieved.