Welfare funerals

What happens if the deceased has no family or other person to make the arrangements?

It is normally a partner, executor or other family member who would be responsible for making funeral arrangements for a deceased person, and they would also be responsible for the costs. 

If there is no known next of kin or nobody willing or able to make the funeral arrangements the death will be referred to us. Weo will then be responsible for making the arrangements under section 46 of the Public Health (Control of Disease) Act 1984.

If the deceased had known next of kin, the nearest surviving relative will be required to sign a non-involvement form stating that they are willing for us to make the funeral arrangements and understand that costs will be recovered from the deceased's estate if possible. If the family have already removed any possessions from where the deceased lived, then these may need to be returned to us to help offset the funeral costs.

Once we have accepted a case, the Bereavement Services team will deal with all aspects of the organisation of a funeral, including:

  • registering the death
  • dealing with the funeral directors to make the arrangements
  • paying for the funeral