Welfare funerals

Where will the service take place?

A cremation service will normally be held at Newcastle Crematorium, unless it is established that the deceased would have chosen burial for religious, cultural or personal reasons, or if a check of our burial records reveals that the deceased owned a grave in one of the borough cemeteries and there is room for them to be buried in it. If a burial is required and the deceased did not own a grave, burial will take place in an unmarked public grave within one of the borough cemeteries. 
Our contracted funeral director will provide everything necessary for a simple but dignified service, including:

  • a coffin
  • transport of the deceased to the crematorium or cemetery in a hearse
  • sufficient bearers to transfer the coffin to the chapel

The funeral director will also arrange for an officiant to lead the service and the funeral will be no different to a simple ceremony not arranged by us. Family and friends may attend the funeral service but they will have no choice as to where and when it is held. 

Following the cremation, the cremated remains will be interred in one of the monthly gardens of remembrance at Newcastle Crematorium. The month that corresponds to the month of death, and the burial will be recorded against the cremation record. If there is next of kin, the cremated remains may be given into the care of a close family member or friend for disposal.