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Criminal Quilts

25 May- 7 July

Criminal Quilts is an art & heritage project inspired by photographs and documents relating to women held in Stafford Gaol from 1877-1916, created and developed by Ruth Singer in partnership with the Staffordshire Record Office. The textiles on display have been created following extensive research into the stories of women held in Stafford Prison in this period. Ruth was artist in residence at Staffordshire Record Office in 2018 and uncovered more than 500 photographs of women held for petty crimes in Stafford Gaol. The artwork she has created used the images, stories and documents about the women to create a poignant and absorbing exhibition of textile artworks.

Ruth will also be giving a talk, about the research and the exhibition, on 3 July, at 2pm. Tickets are on sale from the museum, and cost £3, or £2.50 for friends. Call 01782 619705 to book.


Out of This World- Space Race Toys.

20 July-1 September

We have lift off!

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landings, this family-friendly exhibition celebrates all things space!

A touring exhibition, from Emma Warren Exhibitions,looks at toys from the 60s and 70s, influenced by the space race. These toys and games explored the fantasy of space travel and of living on other planets. Everything from ray guns and space patrol walkie talkies to moon shoes and flying saucers were produced. A range of these original childhood favourites is included in this exhibition.

There will also be space themed activities and crafts too!

Hall Gallery


Portrait of a Moment-Nicola Richardson

25 May-14 July.

Artist Nicola Richardson's ‘Portrait of a Moment’ is a collection of oil paintings painted in a traditional style, with dark backgrounds, borrowed from the Dutch masters, depicting a portrait, capturing a scene or a moment in time.

Window Gallery


Queen Victoria's 200th Birthday

A display of Victorian items, from the Museum's collection, to celebrate Queen Victoria's 200th birthday.

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