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Out of This World- Space Race Toys.

20 July-

1 September


We have lift off!

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landings, this family-friendly exhibition celebrates all things space!

A touring exhibition, from Emma Warren Exhibitions,looks at toys from the 60s and 70s, influenced by the space race. These toys and games explored the fantasy of space travel and of living on other planets. Everything from ray guns and space patrol walkie talkies to moon shoes and flying saucers were produced. A range of these original childhood favourites is included in this exhibition.

Throughout the holidays, there will lots of fun space themed trails and craft to do too! Pop in and visit us!

Capturing the Past

14 September-

3 November



Capturing the Past
Take a trip down memory lane and see our town through the eyes of local artists and photographers.Nothing ever stays the same - our world is constantly changing.
Kept safe in our stores we hold thousands of old photographs and works of art that show Newcastle as it used to be.Each one captures the past at a specific moment in time; and as a result they have become important historical records of the past.This exhibition showcases just a small number of our vast collection.
Image credits L-R: Model Building by Dr Chris Giles, drawing of the High Street by J Hulse, Municipal Hall (photographer unknown), Well Street by Ronnie Cruwys

B(u)y Me For Christmas!

16 November-

5 January

Our annual B(u)y Me For Christmas Exhibition where visitors can buy beautiful, exclusive hand made gifts.


If you are an artist or maker, who would like to take part in this exhibition, please complete and return one of our application forms (see below) by 25 August.

Hall Gallery


Cosmos-Gill Stokes

20 July-

1 September .

A space themed exhibition by Gill Stokes. Using epoxy resin, specialist glass paints, metallic foils and glitters, Gill creates abstract paintings with a glass-like surface.

Window Gallery


We Have Lift Off!

6 July-

1 September

A collection of space themed dolls and toys kindly loaned to the museum, by Paul Buckley and Darren Wilshaw.


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