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B(u)y Me For Christmas!

16 November-

5 January

Our annual B(u)y Me For Christmas Exhibition where visitors can buy beautiful, exclusive hand made gifts.

This exhibition features work from 30 selected artists. There will be a wide range of work available, choose from jewellery, ceramics, glass, metalwork, paintings, there is something for everyone! Stand out this Christmas, and buy your family and friends a special handmade gift, we even have gifts for your furry friends!

Hall Gallery


Painting with Stitch-J. Lyn Leech

16 November-12 January


'Ever since I was a child I have enjoyed traditional hand embroidery and using a sewing machine. In recent years it has been a revelation to me to combine the best effects of both skills in learning the techniques of freehand machine embroidery from tutor and textile artist Alison Holt of Oswestry. In this type of freehand machine embroidery only straight and zig zag stitch are used and the ‘feed dog’ is disabled on the machine allowing the embroiderer to move the fabric independently: in effect I ‘paint’ with the machine needle. As you will see from the exhibition I am particularly attracted to creating landscapes. Stitch captures the textures of foliage and flowers very effectively. I use silk paints on habotai silk to establish the background, the sky and water, and sometimes buildings. I can’t begin to express the excitement and joy I personally experience in bringing depth and realism to a scene in stitch and it gives me extra delight to know that others appreciate the results!'


Window Gallery


Tim Brierley-23 November-5 January

Tim creates wonderful pieces using old tools and items he finds. From hand drills to binoculars, mallets to pliers, Tim‘s pieces are a talking point for any home.


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