How Council Tax is calculated and spent

Key areas that your Council Tax will support

The 2022-23 budget has allocated funds to three key areas of work.

Carbon neutral council

Preparing a costed action plan for our estate and operations to achieve net carbon zero by 2030. This includes creating urban carbon capture areas on green spaces across the borough - equivalent to the size of 10 football pitches - this year.

By 2023 we will have planted at least 850 trees to mark the 850th anniversary of the Newcastle Charter which established the borough.

One Council programme

Transforming public access to our services and driving efficiency savings. This will be achieved by enhancing online services and improving responsiveness to community issues by creating a dedicated team to tackle problems in our town centres and local shopping centres.

Supporting High Street recovery

Giving local businesses the best possible chance to bounce back from COVID by improving the visitor experience in our town centres.

We will be extending the 'Welcome Back Marshalls' scheme to increase public confidence and provide an extra level of reassurance in these unprecedented times.

We will also be providing and promoting events to further increase footfall and encourage more residents, shoppers and visitors to return to the town centre.

In the next year we will invest:

  • £250,000 from the Borough Growth Fund
  • £100,000 in the One Council programme
  • £100,000 in sustainable environmental projects such as carbon reduction schemes and tree-planting across the borough
  • £50,000 will support initiatives for boosting footfall in the town centre