How Council Tax is calculated and spent

Council Tax changes

The amount you pay depends on which ‘property band’ your home is in. This is shown on the Council Tax bill.

For 2024 to 2025, we have worked hard to deliver services while limiting the cost. The increase of 1.99% is the same as last year and less than the rate of inflation. This means that 95% of residents will face on increase of 10p a week or less. The most expensive increase, for Band H properties, will be 16p a week.

Council Tax increase for each property band
Property band Borough council tax (£) Annual increase (£) Weekly increase (£)
A 145.79 2.84 0.05
B 170.09 3.32 0.06
C 194.39 3.79 0.07
D 218.69 4.27 0.08
E 267.29 5.21 0.10
F 315.89 6.16 0.12
G 364.48 7.11 0.14
H 437.38 8.53 0.16


Current Council Tax charges

The amount you pay each year depends on your property’s valuation band. The lower the band you are in, the less you will pay. This is also affected by the parish you live in, as the amount each parish council charges differs.

View current Council Tax charges