How Council Tax is calculated and spent

Our Council Tax requirement

Our Council Tax requirement is the amount which is needed to provide our services after taking into account:

  • any transfers to and from reserves
  • general government grants
  • collection fund transfers.

The Council Tax requirement is met by local taxpayers.

The table on this page shows the amounts we require for 2022-23 with the 2021-22 requirement for comparison purposes.

  2021-22 (£000's) 2022-23 (£000's)
Gross expenditure (excluding contributions to reserves) 60,009 60,778
Income (excluding contributions from reserves, government support and retained business rates income) -43,451 -43,969
Expenditure before contributions to/from reserves 16,558 16,809
Contributions +to/- from reserves -1,598 -1,540
Total net expenditure 14,960 15,269
Retained business rates income -6,106 -6,150
Government support (including new homes bonus, COVID-19 funding and collection fund deficit) -1,209 -1,200
Council Tax requirement 7,645 7,919