Environmental Information Regulations (EIR) requests


We are required to supply you with the environmental information you have requested unless there are reasons not to - called exceptions. There are a few exceptions that apply to us and some examples are:

  • the information requested is incomplete or may be inaccurate at the time of your request for example, a draft report or part of a consultation that is on-going
  • the information is intended for future publication
  • disclosing the information would breach confidentiality or the commercial interests of the person who supplied the information to us
  • disclosure would harm the environment, or would put our investigations, or health and safety at risk

If an exception applies, we may not be able to supply the information or may only be able to supply some of it.

Public interest tests

We are required to complete a public interest test and it may not be in the public interest to disclose information at that time.

You will be told about any exceptions or the outcome of a public interest test in our response to you.

Further information

More information about the exceptions can be found on the Information Commissioner’s website.