Council Tax charges, discounts and exemptions for empty properties

Other types of empty properties

An empty property exemption is also available if:

  • the property is owned by a registered charity and last occupied in furtherance of the objects of the charity, for a maximum of six months
  • it is an empty caravan pitch or boat mooring
  • the only person who lived at the property has died
  • the law prevents anyone from living at the property
  • the property is held vacant for a minister of religion
  • the people who lived at the property are now receiving personal care in a place other than a hospital or home
  • the people who lived at the property are now living elsewhere for the purpose of providing personal care
  • the property was last lived in by students where the student was the council tax payer
  • it is an empty part of a single property that cannot be let separately

Apply for a Council Tax exemption

Sending your discount or exemption application

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