Voter identification

From 4 May 2023, you will need to show an accepted form of photographic identification (photo ID) when voting at a polling station in local elections, Police and Crime Commissioner elections, UK parliamentary by-elections, recall petitions and neighbourhood planning referendums. This will also apply to any UK General Parliamentary elections from October 2023.

If you do not have an accepted form of photo ID, you will be able to apply for a Voter Authority Certificate. This is a free photo ID document that is only used for voting purposes.

You will only need to supply photo ID if you vote at a polling station either in person or as a proxy for someone else. If you vote by post, you will not need to provide photo ID.

The first scheduled election due to take place in Newcastle-under-Lyme using voter identification (voter ID) is in May 2024. However, if any unscheduled elections are called before this date, voter ID will be introduced then.

Further information on voter ID can be found on the Electoral Commission website.