Museum meeting rooms

Terms and conditions of room hire

Your agreement for the hiring of rooms at Brampton Museum is subject to the following conditions ('the conditions')


These conditions together with the booking form ('the booking form') represent your ('the hirer') contract ('the contract') with Brampton Museum in relation to the hire of such rooms as may be designated by the council ('the Room').

The council grants to the hirer a licence to use the room during the hours set out in the booking form for the duration and for the purposes of the event detailed in the booking form.

The council reserves the right to refuse any booking at its discretion.

Notwithstanding the fact that a room has been allocated to the hirer, the council reserves the right to allocate an alternative room which in the opinion of the council would be suitable.

These conditions together with the booking form contain the entire agreement between the parties.

Hirer's liability and obligations

The hirer shall be liable for and shall indemnify the council against all losses, claims, demands, actions, proceedings, damages, costs or expenses arising in any way from the Hirer’s breach, exercise or purported exercise of any rights granted under this contact.

The hirer agrees and undertakes to:

  • only consume food and drink which is provided by the little vintage tea room and not to bring in your own food and drink or any external catering. Food and drink should be consumed within the hired meeting room and not taken into the museum or gallery.
  • ensure that persons attending a meeting observe these conditions and do not commit any nuisance, disturbance, damage, annoyance, inconvenience or interference to the premises and comply with all reasonable requests by the museum staff
  • if the activity is open to the public the hirer is responsible for ensuring activities are suitably risk assessed and insured, with appropriate first aid and DBS check provision if needed
  • comply with all security, fire and other regulations and statutory requirements relating to the premises, including pointing out the fire escape routes at the start of any group session
  • not alter or interfere with any equipment or fittings in the premises
  • ensure there are no trip hazards or trailing cables
  • follow good manual handling practice if setting up tables and chairs, for example. Do not lift more than 2 chairs at once, chairs to be stacked to a maximum of 12 high
  • not to display any notices, signs or other devices attached to the walls or leave any brochures or other literature about the premises
  • not to cause any damage to the premises and its contents and forthwith make good any damage at its own cost to the reasonable satisfaction of the council
  • only to use the premises for the purpose of the hired booking
  • to leave the premises in a clean and tidy condition with any chairs or tables taken out of the cupboards returned at the end of the session
  • to not leave any property or personal belongings unattended
  • to pack away tables and chairs used in the willow room, alder room and event space

Please report any accidents, damage or near misses to the museum reception.

Council's liability

The council shall not be liable for:

  • damage to or loss of any property belonging to or in the care or custody of the hirer
  • death or injury to the hirer, his guest, servants, agents or other attendees except where and to the extent that such injury is caused directly by the negligence of the council
  • any losses, claims, damages, actions, proceedings, costs or expenses or other liability incurred by the hirer in the exercise or purported exercise or breach of any rights granted by this council
  • consequential damages of any nature for any reason whatsoever

Facilities and equipment

Subject to availability, the council can provide the facilities set out in the booking form:

  • assistance with setting up the room, technical support with laptops or projectors, cleaning and other secretarial assistance can be provided at a charge of £25 per hour. If the room is not left clean and tidy or technical support/out of hours admission is requested the museum reserves the right to charge £25 for this staff support
  • we can only hire rooms in hourly or half hour increments
  • if catering is requested from the Little Vintage Tea Room the hirer will confirm the numbers attending and any dietary requirements by no later than midday five working days prior to the hire date
  • no later than midday five workings days prior to the hire date the Hirer shall inform the council if they wish to bring in and use any equipment other than the council’s facilities. Where the council consents to such use, the hirer shall be responsible for the security and insurance of such equipment, ensuring any equipment is in good working order and should be PAT tested if electrical, for obtaining all consents and necessary licences, for its prompt removal at the end of the hire period and compliance with current health and safety standards
  • wi-fi is available at the museum, use 'Staffs CC Guest'
  • the museum and deck area are no-smoking areas.


All charges for the provision of the room and facilities shall be based on the current hourly room hire rates. We can only hire rooms in hourly or half hour increments.

The museum is open 10am to 5pm. Early admission or late stay will incur a £26 charge per hour outside 10am to 5pm or otherwise agreed upon times.

Payment is due for settlement within 28 days of the date of the invoice.

Cancellation by hirer

Any notice of cancellation must be made to a Customer Hub Assistant prior to the date of hire:

  • where the notice of cancellation is received more than five working days prior to the hiring no charge will be made
  • where less than five working days’ notice is received the Council reserves the right to apply 50% charge of the room hire
  • if the client cancels without giving any notice or fails to turn up the Council reserves the right to apply 100% charge of the room hire

Cancellation by the council

The council may cancel the room hre without notice and without liability to the hire if:

  • the premises or any part of them have to be closed for reasons beyond its control but not limited to strike, labour dispute, accident, act of war, act of God, fire, flood, failure of services, evacuation of building or other emergency situation
  • the hirer is already in arrears with any payment to the council
  • the hirer is in breach of any of these conditions and fails to rectify such breach within a reasonable period from the date of the council’s notice


Bookings will not be accepted that:

  • may involve discussion of an illegal, inflammatory or offensive nature
  • may involve discussions or activities that promote a particular viewpoint e.g. political, religious or pressure groups of a campaigning nature
  • involve religious worship of any kind
  • are made by a third party on behalf of another group

The purpose of the booking must be clearly stated when booking and the activity on the day must not divert from the original purpose.