Newcastle-under-Lyme Town Deal member profiles

Silverdale Parish Council

Henryk Adamczuk - Chair

Board role



After completing his first degree, Henryk worked in Camden LBC in housing management and development.

After taking an MA and PGCE he taught at Hackney community college and Birmingham City University, also carrying out research for government departments and charities on housing need and collaborating on homelessness research and housing finance.

20 years ago, Silverdale Parish was inaugurated as an urban civil parish. The parish area is roughly coterminous with Silverdale Ward. The parish has about 2,700 households and a population of approximately 5,000 plus over 100 businesses. There are in total 10 parish councillors.

Henryk has been parish council chair since April 2016. It is a leadership role, harnessing the skills of members to improve the lives of Silverdale residents, resolving issues through co-ordination of services and attracting funding sources for capital projects.

Silverdale Parish Revenue budget is supplemented with capital grants for projects. Silverdale Miner's Wheel was completed in 2018 and the Miner’s Tribute Monument Restoration (completed Dec 2020 with a £75,000 HLF grant) have enabled considerable community engagement.

As Chair of Western Communities LAP Henryk brings together resident groups with partners to solve the problems at a community level in Silverdale, Knutton and Cross Heath.

He is Silverdale Parish Council’s representative on the Walley’s Quarry Landfill Liaison Committee and has presented to the council’s scrutiny committee of behalf of the parish on matters of public health and air pollution.

Henryk is eager to initiate greater involvement of local people in the Town Deal process, launching Knutton Community Forum next year. The Knutton Forum will be the first non-parish forum in Newcastle under Lyme.