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Agency bows to pressure and agrees three-month air-quality monitoring at Walleys Quarry

In a welcome move, and in response to the rising number of complaints from local residents, the Environment Agency has announced this afternoon that it will undertake a new air quality monitoring exercise around Walleys Quarry landfill site.

The Environment Agency (EA) is the body responsible for monitoring the site and also regulates the environmental permits held by Red Industries RM, the operators of the site.

In recent months the landfill quarry has been the source of an unprecedented number of complaints, with hundreds of residents reporting foul odours that they say impacts negatively on their families and their quality of life.

Simon Tagg, the Leader of the Borough Council said: “I am glad that the Environment Agency have listened to our residents and to the Council on this. We really need urgent action and for the Environment Agency to get stuck in trying to tackle the issues that residents have been reporting for a long time now.”

“I will be meeting with the EA this Thursday, along with our local MP Aaron Bell, and will be pressing for a more effective programme of monitoring than anything they have done so far - including appropriately sited monitoring equipment and transparency on the data that is collected. And, we want a speedy process and early result. It’s what people now expect from the EA.”

Today’s EA announcement can be viewed here:

The Council recently allocated £50,000 from its Borough Growth Fund to finance specialist technical advice and support for its own investigation and is encouraging residents to report the issues they experience to the Council, Red Industries and the Environment Agency.

Residents can do this via the Council’s website: to the EA by telephone (0800 80 70 60) or


Page last updated 10 February 2021


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