Protocol for determining whether the Freedom of the Borough should be conferred

Section 249 of the Local Government Act 1972 empowers a local authority to confer the 'Freedom of the Borough' to persons of distinction, who have in our the opinion, rendered eminent services to the borough.

The Freedom of the Borough is the highest honour that we can grant. It should only be used sparingly and awarded on merit to exceptional persons. It should not be given too often. The overriding principle must be that this award should be made on merit based on significant achievement or exceptional service.

Awards should not be for a job well done or because someone has reached a particular level. They should be awarded because an individual has made a contribution which is exceptional and they stand out 'head and shoulders' above others in what has been achieved.

Normally honours are awarded to those men or women who have been raised, lived or worked or who have a strong connection with the borough, and have demonstrated excellence in their field and in the process raised the profile and enhanced the reputation of the Borough either nationally or internationally.

Freedom of the Borough will not be awarded to serving councillors.