Protocol for determining whether the Freedom of the Borough should be conferred

Criteria for conferring the Freedom of the Borough

It is in the interests of transparency and public confidence that we adopt clear criteria for conferring the Freedom of the Borough. It is proposed that one or more of the following are used as the criteria for the award. The person has:

  • demonstrated exceptional achievement or service to the community which is outstanding in its field
  • made a real difference in their field of work or their community
  • brought distinction to the borough or enhanced its reputation
  • given outstanding military service
  • demonstrated innovation, entrepreneurship or exceptional business acumen which has delivered benefits to the borough
  • evidenced exceptional charitable service to the borough, through either a national or locally based charity
  • evidenced exceptional voluntary service to the borough or any part of it or community within it
  • carried the respect of and inspired his/her peers
  • significantly improved the lot of those less able to help themselves or suffering disadvantage
  • promoted community cohesion
  • contributed to the borough beyond the call of duty in a way that stands out above others
  • Only in exceptional circumstances should consideration be given to the admission of organisations.

As this is the highest honour that a borough council can grant, it should be used sparingly and should not be given too often in order to preserve its status and value. Accordingly, other than in exceptional circumstances, no more than one nominee will be taken forward annually and there is no obligation to approve any of the nominations.