Protocol for determining whether the Freedom of the Borough should be conferred

Procedure to be adopted on receipt of a motion to confer the Freedom of the Borough

Nominations for persons to be granted the Freedom of the Borough may be made by any Elected Member to the Chief Executive on the appropriate form. Each nomination must contain the support of at least 10 other council members and the relevant group leaders should be advised of the proposed nomination as a courtesy.

It is important that any nomination remains confidential and that the nominee is unaware that he or she is being nominated since not all nominations may be successful.

A member of the public who might wish to suggest a potential nominee may do so by contacting their local ward councillor making a full and clear case for the potential nomination. The ward councillor must then follow the process of completing the appropriate form and obtaining the support of at least 10 other council members.

On receipt of the nomination form, the Chief Executive will ensure that sufficient information has been provided on the form. Full reasons why the person should be considered must be included in detail.