Protocol for determining whether the Freedom of the Borough should be conferred

Extraordinary Council meeting

Should the Freedom of the Borough panel conclude that it is likely that there will be a two-thirds majority voting in favour of a nomination, the Chief Executive will convene an extraordinary meeting of the council specifically for the consideration of the one item of business. This will normally be early in the New Year (January to March) to allow any ceremony to take place prior to the end of the current civic year.

At the extraordinary meeting of the council, there will be only one item of business and the Chief Executive will submit a report setting out the matters considered by the Freedom of the Borough panel and the recommendation of the panel to the council to approve the nomination.

The resolution should recite the grounds upon which the recommendation is being made, and details of the public services rendered by the nominee should be included.

The Mayor will take a vote on the recommendation of the Freedom Panel and a two-thirds majority of those present and voting is required. However a unanimous vote is customary and desirable in the circumstances.

Please note: abstentions do not count as a vote and required majority will be deduced from the number of members actually voting on the item.

The Mayor will then immediately close the meeting.

A meeting of the full council will normally immediately follow the extraordinary meeting.