Reducing waste at home

Reducing food waste

There are many ways to reduce food waste. Here are some top tips.


A little bit of planning is the key to reducing food waste. It will help you save time, money and eat more healthily. It will also give you more room in your household waste bin.

Find out why your shopping list could help to save the planet on the Love Food, Hate Waste website.




It's easy to prepare too much food. Portion planning and being savvy with your leftovers can make a big difference in helping you to waste less food.

Check out these guidelines on portions for children.




Storing food in the right way extends the life of your food, and helps you to stay on top of what you have got.

You may find this A to Z of food storage helpful.



Food rescue

Despite our best intentions, there will still be times when we struggle to use up food before it’s past its best.

This article about making the most of your leftovers has lots of great ideas.




There will always be odds and ends that can’t be used such as coffee grounds, banana skin, orange peel, and tea bags, but these still have goodness left to give. Composting your odds and ends is a great way to turn something old and unusable into something new and useful.

Find out more about home composting.