Reduce and reuse

Reusable bags

Since 2015 there’s been a 'carrier bag tax' to cut the number of unnecessary bags. Incredibly, 7.6 billion bags were given out in 2014 before the tax, and most weren’t needed at all. We’re all using 'bags for life' now and the number of bags given out to shoppers has dropped by 95%!  The tax raised is passed on to good causes, too. 

Many larger shops now have their own bags, and will replace them for free when they wear out. You could buy your own reusable shopping bag, or even make one, and know that you’re helping to stop single use-plastics and litter.

Why not use a reusable bag on your next supermarket shop?

Buying from our markets is a great way to avoid packaging. You can keep up to date with upcoming regular markets and specialist artisan markets on their Facebook pages.

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