Walleys Quarry mediation frequently asked questions

What happens if there is a stink?

The agreement provides for:

  • Walleys Quarry Limited (WQL) to provide information to the community for events when there could be adverse odour events
  • WQL and ourselves to work together, any events or works where there could be adverse odour will have been reviewed to ensure that sufficient controls are in place to reduce the odour as much as possible
  • air quality monitoring will continue
  • investigation of breaches of the abatement notice to be undertaken by us

How would the council investigate?

In serving the abatement notice there were several streams of information used, these included:

  • complaint numbers and information reported
  • data from the air quality monitoring station
  • data from our Jerome’s (H2S portable monitors)
  • information provided by the community regarding the impact of the odour
  • data from officer visits to witness odours
  • residents' experience
  • works and actions required by the Environment Agency
  • review and assessment by our experts in odour, landfills and hydrogeology
  • review of plans and procedures developed by Walleys Quarry Limited

Similar evidence streams would be collated and analysed to establish any breaches of the abatement notices.