Reduce and reuse

Electrical and batteries

Our homes, gardens, sheds, lofts and garages are crammed with all sorts of old electricals and gadgets that we no longer want or use. Anything with a plug, battery or cable can be recycled. It’s easier than ever to recycle them, doing the planet and ourselves a huge favour. Don’t put batteries into your recycling bin or bag, because they can cause dangerous fires and explosions.

The UK is the second highest producer of e-waste per capita on Earth, creating 25kg per person per year! It’s not just digital devices, it’s appliances, too. 

Electrical items can be taken to the recycling centre.

New legislation called the ‘right to repair’ means that spare parts for many appliances and electronic devices will be available for people to fix, themselves, at home. This is to make things last longer and reduce e-waste. 

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