Additional Restrictions Support Grant Top Up Funding

Additional Restrictions Support Grant

As part of your application you will need to provide evidence of:

  • Your business bank account details
    A statement which is less than three months old and clearly shows your business name (or the name of the registered ratepayer or business owner), address and account details. We cannot accept photographs of debit cards, statements from personal savings accounts, personal accounts being used for household expenses, mini-statements from cash machines or screenshots/photographs of online banking summaries.
  • Proof that your business income has declined.
    This may include bank statements showing income in the months prior to the introduction of restrictions or accounts showing income from a comparable period in the previous year against for the same period this year.
  • Proof that your business was trading on or before 21st June 2021 and evidence your loss of income since 22nd June 2021
  • Proof of business ownership (if you do not pay business rates)
    This may include details of your VAT Registration, a copy of your last self-assessment tax return, companies house registration, local authority registrations (such as food premises), franchise contracts or venue/premises rental agreements.
  • Your accounts for the previous year showing your annual turnover.
    If you do not have a years worth of accounts, please provide evidence of your balance sheet for the year to date with an estimate of your annual turnover.
    There is a limitation to the number of attachments that can be sent with your request. Where possible these attachments should be in a PDF format, which can be aquired by contacting your bank directly and you can provide your audited accounts from your accountant.

If you pay business rates, you will also need your Business Rates Account Number as shown on your bill. This is 8 or 9 digits long and begins with a 6. Processing your application will take longer without this information.

Please ensure that you have all of the required information before starting your application.