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Registered Parks and Gardens

The Register of Historic Parks and Gardens of Special Historic Interest in England is compiled and maintained by Historic England. 

The Register was established in 1983 and confers special statutory protection for these sites and gives them a Grade I, II* or II grading like Listed Buildings, reflecting their national historic interest.  The purpose of the Register is to celebrate designed landscapes.  Registration is a material consideration in the planning process.  Local Planning Authorities must consider the impact of a proposal on the special character of the area.  Within the borough the Register includes entries for part of the University of Keele  and Maer Hall Estate , both as Grade II.

Historic Battlefields

The Register of Historic Battlefields in England is compiled and maintained by Historic England.  The Register is purely advisory and does not confer special statutory protection on the sites nor give them any grading.  The Register identifies a limited number of areas of historical significance where important battles are sufficiently documented to be capable of being located on the ground.  The Battle of Blore Heath 1459, (one of the “Wars of the Roses”), is included in the Register.

Please note Historic England is responsible for Historic Park and Gardens, or you can contact the Borough Council’s Conservation Officer on 01782 742408.

Last updated 14 May 2019

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